Look Stylish With 50s Hairstyles Men

adminApril 8, 2017
popular 50s hairstyles for men
When talking about 50 is a transformation period by the appearing of popular jazz, rock and roll, and also called as the golden age for television. Certainly, those influences people lifestyle since they tend to follow the public figures on that year such as Marlon Brando, Cary Grant, and many others. Those artists influence men […]

Ideas Of Modern Hairstyles For Men 2017

adminApril 8, 2017
the best modern hairstyles for men 2017
Modern hairstyle for men will make the men have good appearances that make they will be more handsome. Many kinds of men hairstyles are available that can be great choices for the men. In other hand, they can adopt the hairstyles for the celebrity or the football players that have great modern hairstyles such as […]

Finding The Suitable Hairstyle for Men

adminApril 8, 2017
popular shaved hairstyles for men 2017
Before choosing the suitable hairstyle, each man should know about his hair type since it will influence how to treat the hair. For example, usually, the style which is shaving the sides and leaving the top part of hair is loved by some men. Perhaps, this style is only suitable for straight hair and will […]

Beautifying Cool Curly Hairstyles for Men

adminMarch 30, 2017
short hairstyles for men with curly hair for wedding 2017
Sometimes it feels bad having curly hair for men. In fact, it can be that cool even cute if you realize it. As the straight hair, curly hair can do stylishly and fashionable. Not only is cool for daily, it brings stunning look even in the formal situation. Then, the natural texture comes from the […]

Hat Hairstyles For Men In 1920

adminMarch 29, 2017
1920s old mens hairstyles
On that year people especially men always wear hat but the hairstyles between men who always wear hat and not are same. Mostly, the usual hairstyle is slicked, shiny, flat, and having medium length of hair. Nowadays, people call those hairstyles with Hat hair. This hairstyle can be shorter with some exception such as keeping […]

Cool Men with Captivating Shaved Sides Hairstyles

adminMarch 29, 2017
popular shaved sides hairstyles men 2017
As simple as cool, this haircut idea is loved by most men in the world. Called pompadour, this haircut has short shaved in the sides and high cut on the top. Usually, the top has about three inches. Somehow, it can be shorter or longer than that, depend on the taste. Although it is casual, […]

Simple Treatment for Healthy Men’s Medium Hair Length

adminMarch 28, 2017
simple mens medium length hairstyles 2017
Different from women, most men want to do only the simple treatment for their hair, especially for those who have medium hair length. If you do not want to go to the beauty salon, you can do it by yourself at home. Simply, the equipment you can find easily in the supermarket or store near […]

Dread Hairstyles for Men to Feel The Rasta

adminMarch 25, 2017
dread hairstyles for men for excellent looks
The dread hairstyle will be great alternative hairstyle for men, especially for those who like Rasta. It is will be great because the Rasta is identic with the dread hairstyle. With having the dread hairstyle, the men can promote that they are the part of the Rasta-mania. Sometimes, considering having the dread hairstyle will be […]

Stylish Men’s Long Haircut Hair for Excellent Confidence

adminMarch 25, 2017
popular hairstyles for men with long hair for excellent confidence
Although some men look cool while having long hair, there are some others who are not confident with this hair style. For your informative information, long hair cut has some styles that you can try for this season. Beside is to make you look purely different from before, you can even look more macho with […]